Side-By-Side: The Hallé and Hallé Youth Orchestra
February 2, 2025
4:00 pm
Manchester, UK
The Bridgewater Hall
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Two generations of Hallé musicians join forces to perform a dramatic duo of pieces, each offering a contrasting view of the afterlife.
Director of the Hallé Youth Orchestra, Euan Shields will guide the combined forces of talent and experience as members of the two orchestras sit side-by-side in what will be a moving and memorable performance, for both audience and musicians.Adés’ Inferno Suite, extracted from his celebrated score for The Dante Project, is a wrathful work, exploring Dante’s nine circles of hell through eight incandescent sections. Contrastingly, Richard Strauss’s Death and Transfiguration is more contemplative than contemptuous; it represents the final reminiscent thoughts of a dying artist, before being granted transfiguration ‘from the infinite reaches of heaven’.


  • Thomas Adès Selection from Inferno Suite
  • R. Strauss Death and Transfiguration